Ipinaskil ni: S3lv0 | Setyembre 5, 2008

Ateneo students launch their own blog on the Calatagan Farmers

Volunteers from the Ateneo de Manila University’s Office of Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI) launched a blog site on the Calatagan Farmers as one of their expressions of support. the Ateneo community, particularly OSCI together with the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB) played a pivotal role in the Sumilao campaign late last year until the resolution of the case in March this year.

The calataganmarch.multiply.com blogsite is a testament of the youth’s commitment to the search for justice especially for the poor and the marginalized. The blog site was created and will be maintained by volunteer Ateneo students from OSCI. (Click on the screenshot below to follow the link to the blog site)

The blog site features the developments in the Calatagan Farmers’ campaign and the activities that the students and offices in the Ateneo will launch in support of the farmers.

The Ateneo students have come to know the Calatagan farmers firsthand in several integration activities they have conducted. An immersion session was conducted last month which was followed by several area visits to Barangays Baha and Talibayog. Early last week, the OSCI facilitated the conduct of a Medical Mission participated in by volunteer doctors and students.

The participation of the students of the Ateneo in the Calatagan Campaign (and previously in the Sumilao campaign) is a living testimony that education does not simply happen in the security and sterile environment within the four walls of the university; that education is not only the training of the minds but equally the formation of the hearts and social conscience of the young.

Clearly, these Ateneo students are not only role models in their own university but also to other young people elsewhere. They are living testaments that FAITH can do JUSTICE.

Sa mga volunteer students ng Ateneo, MARAMING SALAMAT.


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